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Product description

SYNTOP is the synonym of our product line of synthetic topping slags. Along with a great number of well proven standard mixes, we provide any mechanical mixture of required components like CaO, MgO, Al2O3, SiO2 a.o.
depending on the steel quality and the customers request

typical grain size:

0 - 5 mm


The secondary metallurgy takes place in specific plants like ladle furnace, VD, VOD using a metallurgically active slag. The substitution of the primary slag with a synthetic topping slag after tapping supports the desulfurization and deoxidation, increases the degree of purity, and minimizes the loss of heat as well as the reoxidation of the melt.

The main purpose of using SYNTOP is setting invariant general conditions in order to have reproducible highquality steel grades.


  • minimization of non-metallic inclusions (sulfides and oxides) within the steel
  • short treatment time
  • increased process safety
  • low attack on the refractory lining of the ladle